Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mmm, Curry

J brings home gigantic bags of extra sauces and soups from her plant. I am usually happy to see them, but I was especially happy when she made chicken with their Thai curry sauce last night. The last time she brought it home, we added extra coconut milk and some heavy cream to cool it down and give it that nice coconut hit. This time, they've tinkered with it and it had a much better coconut flavor. Last time, J made the chicken with potatoes & carrots and we served it over rice noodles. Last night, she heated up some Trader Joe's lime rice (with coconut & lemongrass) and stir-fried a frozen asparagus stir-fry blend with some toasted sesame seeds to go with it. Good stuff! Of course, now that the blend is just right on the curry sauce, the restaurant that was using it is dumping it in favor of a teriyaki sauce J says isn't even worth bringing home. Bummer.

Kid Lunch

Today, J asked me to bring her a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and milk for lunch. So, I put strawberry preserves & Jif peanut butter on Wonder Bread. I grabbed a Paula Red apple & stopped by the convenience store, for the other components, on the way to her office. I picked up some milk, a bag of Fritos and a Hostess cherry pie. She was beyond excited. I chose Fritos and iced tea to go with mine. I also picked up a guava pastelito, which I am heating up for my afternoon snack. Yum!