Thursday, December 08, 2011

Red Devil

With Jeannene away in Detroit for the week, I am free to make things she might very well turn up her nose at upon being offered them. Red Devil is one of those. While she is not completely opposed to meals made with cans of soup, she is definitely opposed to saucy foods served on toast---no Welsh rarebit (one of my favorite foods ever), no chicken a la king, and very likely no red devil. So, I made some just for me tonight, with a romaine salad topped with Maytag blue cheese crumbles (, blue cheese dressing and garlic croutons. Dessert will be a sumptuous Harry and David pear (

To make red devil, heat together 1 can of tomato soup (I used Campbell's), 1/2 c. milk, a generous handful of shredded sharp Cheddar (about a cup) and a healthy dash or two of Worcestershire sauce. Stir the concoction until the cheese has melted. While you are stirring, let the toaster do its thing with some bread. Now, you can use a beautiful, chewy multigrain bread, of course. Whatever you like. But, the very nature of this recipe does rather call for Wonder Bread. And you really ought to cut the toast into points. When the sauce is ready, ladle it over the toast points and garnish with a sprinkle more shredded Cheddar. This makes enough for 8 slices, which will serve 4 people. It'll reheat nicely for lunch, though, if you are dining solo or there are only 2 of you.

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