Monday, October 28, 2013

November 2013 Dinners

Today, I spent some time planning dinner menus for November. I am not sure when we'll be in our new home in Michigan, but I figure I should only miss a night or two due to the move. Here's what I have it in mind to cook in the coming month. Now that I'm my own boss, I will have more time, perhaps, to blog about what I'm cooking and eating. Tonight, it's popcorn.

-Cuban cabbage stew, rolls, avocado & onion salad
-Teriyaki pork chops, broccoli stir-fry, jasmine rice
-Tambor de picadillo, green salad, fruit
-Hot cereal with apple butter & walnuts, cheddar cheese, fruit
-Artichoke chicken pasta salad, green salad, fruit
-Chicken fried rice, clementines, green salad
-Curry cheddar melts, brussels sprouts with goat cheese, apples, and hazelnuts
-Brunch casserole, salad, boozy fruit
-Mediterranean peasant soup, spinach feta melts, fruit
-Thanksgiving in a pan, herbed mashed potatoes, salad
-Bean thread soup, lumpia, fruit
-Ditalini with salami, green salad, fruit
-Almond lentil burgers, lemony broccoli slaw, fruit
-Burgers, broccoli cheese casserole, Iowa pea salad
-Pumpkin soup, prosciutto & apple salad, rolls
-Chili skillet, salad, fruit
-Pimiento cheese sandwiches, chips, veggies & dip
-Peppery steaks with mushrooms, baked potatoes, parmesan pignoli green beans
-Gambas al ajillo, rice, avocado & onion salad, maduros
-Provencal tuna salad on greens, sauteed green beans with pepitas, grainy bread, fruit
-4-Seasons chicken, bay/thyme/rosemary roasted potatoes, veggies with buttermilk dip
-Au gratin potatoes & ham, lima beans, salad
-Mexican pork tenderloin, flour tortillas, corn, salad
-Spinach soup, rolls, fruit
-Thanksgiving dinner!
-Peanut butter kiss cookies
-Mini apple hand pies
-Tuscan rice salad
-Benedictine sandwiches
-Almond crunch

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