Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Egg Boy & His Egg Mamas

The night after our Saucy Bistro dinner, J & I found ourselves waking up late from a nap. Too late to reasonably cook anything elaborate. So, I made the dinner she had rejected the night before and she loved it. It was incredibly simple. I made scrambled eggs with fresh basil & sharp cheddar. I toasted some corn toasties & we had those & Rainier cherries with our eggs.

The following Monday night, I found out, too late to run to the store, that I was missing an important ingredient for the ham & asparagus quiche I'd planned to make...the crust! Since I am afraid of making pie crust most of the time, J suggested that I simply make omelets. Brilliant! So, we had wonderful omelets with asparagus, diced ham and sharp cheddar.

Now, Pie is back & he is into eggs. He bought a skillet & spatula for himself with his tooth fairy money & allowance. Yesterday, I taught him to make an omelet. He has cracked eggs & chosen fillings for countless omelets and loves to eat them. When he asked me to talk him through it, I was happy to. The omelet he made, his very first all by himself, turned out just beautifully! I was impressed & proud. So, he was spurred to delight in cooking again & bought his cooking tools. This morning, I talked him through fried eggs & he had those for breakfast. He made us cheesy scrambled eggs for lunch & will be making omelets for our dinner tomorrow night. He is very enthused about this whole cooking thing & plans to run a bed & breakfast someday.

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