Monday, January 25, 2010

Planned February Dinners

Tonight was boring old chicken noodle soup, Campbell's Chunky with a pinch of tandoori seasoning for me and Amy's No-Chicken Noodle Soup for Pie, with organic white bread from Trader Joe's on the side. Since I have nothing exciting to report from tonight, here are dinners I'm planning on making in February. J will be going vegetarian for Lent, so dinners after Mardi Gras will reflect that.

-Hobo stew, rolls, fruit
-Baked tofu (Veg Boy's choice for two nights, sides up to me)
-Carne con papas, rolls, fruit
-Philly cheese steaks, dill-artichoke potato salad, green salad, chocoholic smoothies
-Matzo ball soup, if I can figure out how to make the matzo balls vegan (another veg boy request)
-Goulash, corn, salad, chocolate mousse brownies
-Mardi Gras food (probably either jambalaya or etoufee with king cake)
-Broiled mahi-mahi, frituras de garbanzo, arroz amarillo, avocado salad, lemon cheesecake
-Hoisin lime veggie burgers, salad, fried edamame with garlic & chiles
-Cheese polenta, asparagus with romesco sauce, stuffed baby eggplants
-Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches (another Veg Boy special)
-Cajun-spiced catfish, macque choux, fried potatoes, lemon mousse
-Palak paneer, matar pulao, salad, bhatura, gulab jamun

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pinky said...

I would love to help you figure out the matzoh conundrum, which I think was a 60s Ian Fleming parody actually.(There really was one of Thunder Ball called Matzoh Ball that my parents had.)Let me know. Unsurprisingly I am the owner of many Jewish cookbooks and many veggie ones as well. I know...feather knocking time.