Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Planned March Dinners

- Spaghetti, salad, good bread
-Cheesy beer soup, rolls, salad
- Asparagus omelets with goat cheese, toast, fruit salad
- Potato onion soup, hearty bread, fruit
- Tacos, refried beans, corn, fruit
- Seared shrimp w/lemon & garlic, oven-roasted new potatoes, tarragon green beans
-Supper salad, crispy zucchini chips, fruit
- Veggie cheese pie, Caesar salad, roasted pears with almond crunch
- Salmon patties, new potatoes, asparagus
- Farfalle with asparagus, roasted shallots & blue cheese, salad, good bread
- Falafel in pitas, fattoush, hummus & pita chips
- Baked tofu, Asian noodles, broccoli
- Baked goat cheese with baguette toasts and tapenade, fingerling salad with sugar snaps, green salad
- Heavenly carrot soup, rolls/bread, salad w/lemon vinaigrette, carrot cookies
- Veggie burgers, rosemary fries, salad, fruit

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