Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What I'm Cooking in July

-Lemon-crumbed halibut, parmesan rice, spinach & strawberry salad with maple dressing
-Roast beef sandwiches, chips, salad
-Chicken ragout with potatoes & olives, salad, watermelon slush
-Steak, French baked potatoes, salad, fruit a la Suisse
-BLT wraps, zucchini ribbon salad, chips, raspberry with citrus sauce
-Artichoke chicken saute, steamed veggies with skordalia, boiled potatoes
-Super veggie sandwiches, chips, sandia ochumare
-Fish with salsa ajillo, rice, chevre salad
-Cumin-crusted pork soft tacos, black beans & rice, avocado salad
-Tagiolini al pesto amato, salad, bread, orange cornmeal cake with berries & whipped cream
-Cajun steak salad, fruit, bread
-Potato chip chicken, zucchini fritters, fried green tomatoes
-Salmon burgers, hummus, pita, sugar snaps, spinach salad w/grapefruit & mint vinaigrette
-Mexican rice, chips & guacamole, salad, fruit
-Goat cheese sandwiches, spicy orange broccoli, fresh corn salad
-Fritas, plantain chips, fruit
-Chicken & avocado sandwiches, homemade chips, salad
-BBQish chicken, rice, green beans

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