Friday, October 05, 2012

Planned October 2012 Meals

1- Grab it & growl
2- Grab it & growl
3- Broccoli soup, fried green tomato BLTs
4- Cafe Istanbul
5- Bamboo Cafe
6- Calico beans for Aaron & Mimi's Wedding Hootenanny
7- Vegetable soup, rolls, tutti frutti salad
8- Jeannene's choice
9- Empanadas, black beans & rice, avocado salad
10- Spaghetti, Caesar salad, cheesy garlic bread
11- Jeannene's choice
12- Lemony lamb skewers, lentil pilaf, North African bread salad, chocolate upside-down cake
13- Golden garbanzo soup, fall salad, hearty bread
14- Jeannene's choice
15-17- GLAUCE Fall Gathering
18- Butternut, goat cheese, & sage ravioli with hazelnut brown butter, salad, ciabatta
19- Oktoberfest at Church
20- Jeannene's choice
21- Pumpkin Joes & pumpkin pie dip with gingersnaps for Family@5 harvest potluck
22- Jeannene's choice
23- Broiled grouper, dilled rice, salad with creamy garlic dressing, grapefruit compote in rosemary syrup
24- Buttery cabbage & noodles for new member potluck
25- Caliente pot roast over couscous, green beans
26- Vietnamese food in honor of my grandmommy's 10/27 birthday
27- Wild Mango Queens Jack o'Lantern party
28-4- Mama food
5- Jeannene's choice
6- Jeannene's choice
7- Nacho chicken, yellow rice, refried beans, green salad

Sabbath Noshes-
Chocolate chip pie
Chocolate chile bread pudding
Chicken salad
Fried taters

Bonus cooks-
Taco soup
Peanut butter bars

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tireegal68 said...

Do you stick to your menu every time? What happens on Jeannene's choice nights? Does she cook? I'm impressed with your menus. Do you do the whole month rather than week by week for a reason? Happy October eating!