Tuesday, May 06, 2014

May 2014 Menus

Corn & ham chowder, sourdough bread, fruit

Broiled lamb chops, baked potatoes, lemon, mint, & spinach salad, pecan-stuffed dates

Broiled citrus chicken, avocado salad, lemon vinaigrette asparagus with goat cheese, spiced chocolate bread pudding

Dilly scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, fruit

Quesadillas, guacamole & chips, bbq corn on the cob, fruit

Fish with Chesapeake tartar sauce, green beans & arugula, veggie kebabs with saffron butter

Chicken & rice squares, cucumber salad, fruit

Bacon & egg club sandwiches, goat cheese salad, fruit, toasted almond shakes

Turkey spinach sliders, braised fennel & white beans, spinach & grilled corn salad

Mustard-roasted fish, Greek potato salad, parmesan-roasted broccoli, hummus with toasted pita triangles

Indian turkey salad, naan, fruit

Corn dogs, home fries, salad

Laquered chicken sate, rice, zucchini salad, chocolate chip cookie & mint ice cream sandwiches

American chop suey, salad, homemade bread

Broiled grouper, Tuscan kale & white bean ragout, caramelized endive

Wine-glazed steak, steak fries, broccoli & carrots

Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

Tuscan rice salad, roasted green beans, berries with champagne & herbs

Saffron potato omelet, 2-bean salad with hearts of palm & blue cheese, blanched chard

We are also instituting a new tradition of cocktails & snacks on Friday nights when Jeannene gets home from work. Here are my plans for Cocktail Hour in May:
Asiago-ham pinwheels & Strawberry Swirls
Veggies with herb dip & Strawberry Ecstasies

Deviled eggs & Vodka Rickeys

Cheddar walnut crisps & Italian mojitos
In addition, a few other things I want to make, either for lunch or for other people:
Tea cakes
Black bean dip & chips
Feta & olive salad
Strawberry pretzel dessert
Butter toffee




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