Monday, June 23, 2014

Fairy Godfather French Toast

My fairy godfathers, John & David, gave me this French toast recipe years ago, but I had my own habit with French toast and hasn't felt inclined to try anything new until yesterday. Jeannene and I were both working, me on my 'zine, her in preparation for a big visit from corporate folks. I wanted to make something special to reward us for working on the weekend. So, out came the recipe. It was delicious! It is also adaptable, as you can use any flavor of pudding you like. I want to try butterscotch next! When they gave me the recipe, David suggested serving it with either maple syrup,  strawberries, or peaches. I could see it working well with any fruit and if you're trying to keep it light, fruit has plenty of sweetness!

Fairy Godfather French Toast
1 small box vanilla pudding mix (not the instant sort; you can use the sugar-free variety, as well)
1 c. milk (low fat or even nonfat is fine)
2 eggs
Thickly-sliced bread (although, if you're trying to make this on the lighter side, the Pepperidge Farm Thin bread will work nicely)
Cinnamon (optional)

Mix everything together but the bread. Heat a nonstick skillet with either butter or cooking spray. Dip bread in pudding mixture, then add to skillet and brown on both sides. Serve piping hot!

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