Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purim Yummies

Monday, J called me from work and asked what I was planning to do to celebrate Purim. I was astonished because she doesn't usually take note of my affection for holiday celebration. Then, she astonished me further by suggesting I make some hamantaschen! This turn of events so surprised me that I nearly fell out of my chair. How did my wife know about these traditional Purim cookies? She is no expert on Jewish holidays or recipes. Turns out she'd notcied Purim on her calendar & taken it upon herself to educate herself about the holiday, since I love all holidays. Since she'd done that, I simply had to try my hand at making them. I mixed up the dough Monday night & baked the cookies Tuesday. Being a hamantaschen novice, I overfilled some so much that they burst their seams and spread into rounds. The dough got crumbly and hard to work with. The bottom pan of cookies got a little dark underneath. Nonetheless, the end result was yummy and the process was fun. The recipe came from Epicurious:

J had picked up some baking fillings for me that I never expected to use (date and prune) but they turned out to be perfect for this recipe. I also did some with strawberry preserves and some with my friend Dieter's homemade cherry jam. They were all quite nice. Next year, I'll be trying poppyseed filling, I think. My friend Janelle was quite enthusiastic about that and she has good taste.

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