Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Poor Cooking"

We've been doing what J terms "poor cooking" this month, since my piddling 2 hours a day tutoring is not much of a contribution to the household finances, which are tight. She originally decreed that she would do all the cooking this month, but relented when I agreed to abide by the rule of cooking only from what's already in the house. I don't consider it poor cooking at all because we are, truth to tell, still eating quite well indeed.

Last night, I baked pork chops we had in the freezer with a little salt and pepper, steamed a head of broccoli and cooked up a package of rosti J found at Aldi's. I won't shop there because I find the atmosphere overwhelmingly depressing, but I have no objection to food from there. She can go there and buy all the food she wants, as long as I don't have to enter the store. However, she thought it was the food itself I objected to and has been feeling all sneaky and pleased with herself at sneaking Aldi's food into my mouth, which just cracks me up! Anyway, the rosti was actually made in Switzerland and was quite tasty. Dessert was praline pecans I brought back from The Savannah Candy Kitchen for J's Easter basket. Mmm-mmm. I like them better than pralines themselves.

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Dianne said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a is appreciated more than you know! what a delightful blog and yummy recipes! it's a good thing I don't live at your house, I'd have a terrible time resisting those Purim cookies...they sound wonderful! have a creative day!