Tuesday, May 26, 2015

G's Pizzeria, May 23, 2015

We were out running errands Friday night, so it seemed wise to stop somewhere for dinner. When I asked Jeannene what she was in the mood to eat, she promptly said she wanted more of the boneless chicken wings we had the other night at G's. I laughed and then took her there. I tasted her wings and they didn't seem as good as the first night, more heavily breaded and a little burnt. Definitely hotter, as well. She still loved them and my Italian sub was terrific, even though they don't put much of a range of meats on it (just ham and salami). Their bread is very, very good and the subs are nice and crispy, just the way I like them.

I also had a mango strawberry tequila sunrise and was astounded to see how huge it was. It came in a little plastic bucket. I tried my best, but simply couldn't finish it. Had I skipped dinner, I might have been able to fit it in my belly. It was delicious, though. I wonder if I can order a mini, next time.

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