Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kebabs, May 26, 2015

When I asked my wife yesterday, as she prepared to leave work, what was for dinner, she responded that she'd know after she went to the store. I am the opposite kind of cook, requiring a menu and shopping list before I hit the store. She's great at just coming up with something yummy. Yesterday, it was pork and chicken kebabs, bought already prepared from the butcher counter (chicken with either garlic & herb marinade or Jack Daniels BBQ and pork with teriyaki) & just needing a grill, green beans with toasted almonds (she used garlic salt in the toasting, which made the almonds extra-delicious), broccoli slaw from a bag, and tater tots, one of my favorite foods in the world (as long as they're baked and not fried---I always find fried tots disappointing, probably because I grew up with the baked version). For dessert, she brought home the first watermelon of the season. We were expecting it to be a bit pasty and flavorless, still, but it was actually sweet, juicy, and perfecto delicious! Yay! Summer is coming!

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