Thursday, December 28, 2006

Gift Certificates

My Beloved got a gift certificate for Outback Steakhouse in her stocking, so when we had dropped Boot off for a couple days batching it with Grandpa, we took Pie to Outback. The wait was absurdly long, especially considering it was a Tuesday night and considering that there were three (and sometimes four) stick girls hanging out up front chit-chatting together. With all the open tables, the management would have done well to put those girls on tables and alleviate the labor waste.

Once we did finally get seated, though, our service was friendly and prompt. J & I both chose the filet, mine with a blue cheese crust. She had a sweet potato with hers, I chose a baked potato. Both were quite decent, as were the steaks. J added crab legs to hers, in the hopes of sharing them with Pie. We split an over-salted bloomin' onion (or some of it, until the salt got to be entirely too much) for our appetizer. We both had soup, a subtle onion-potato soup for me & a very fishy clam chowder for her. I also had part of a blue cheese chopped salad, but it was much too sweet for my taste so was not finished. Pie was not at all hungry & when that boy isn't hungry, forget it! He adores both steak & crab, so we knew when he refused them that he really wasn't ready to eat. All in all, the meal was good. However, I wouldn't bother with appetizers again.

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