Friday, December 18, 2015

Ram's Horn, December 16, 2015

We were out Christmas shopping the other night and ended up at Ram's Horn, in Rochester, MI, for dinner. I decided just to order whatever sounded good, whether it went together or not. I got a cup of chili and an order of buffalo chicken potato skins. I'd forgotten their chili is basically just hot dog chili, which is a little weird to eat in a bowl. It's nice and spicy, though, so I appreciated it on the chilly evening. When my potato skins arrived, they were completely drenched in barbecue sauce. I thought, "Hmm, how is that Buffalo?" but contemplated just going ahead and eating it, thinking perhaps I had misread the menu. Then, I realized it was ridiculous to eat something I hadn't ordered and didn't want, especially since it was something so unhealthy. I asked the waitress about it and she said they only had regular and BBQ skins. However, she did check the menu and I had not lost my mind. She had not registered the addition of the Buffalo version to the menu. So, she had the kitchen make my order properly. When they arrived, they were quite yummy. Jeannene had already finished her breakfast, some layered concoction involving sausage gravy. I ended up bringing most of mine home.

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