Tuesday, December 08, 2015

What I'm Cooking in December

I'd taken care to plan meals for November and December before our son was born, but we've been well-cared-for by friends and my darling wife has been cooking up a storm, too, so I've not made most of the things I intended to make. I am starting to feel more competent about getting things done and also caring for our wee boy, so I expect to begin cooking again next week. We have kind friends bringing us food the rest of this week. 

Anyway, I saw one of my friends posting on FB about not knowing what to make for dinner, so I thought I'd post what I have planned for December, in hopes that she will find some inspiration:

-Ropa vieja, black beans & rice, avocado salad, maduros
-Bean thread soup, potstickers, salad, mandarin oranges
-Matzo ball soup, latkes, applesauce, salad, sufganiyot
-Pot roast, roasted veggies, wilted lettuce, pear salad
-Black bean chili, corn muffins, honey apples
-Swedish meatballs, egg noodles, lima beans, salad, fruit soup
-Hot chicken salad, potato souffle, green salad, fruit
-Beer-marinated hangar steak, butternut mac & cheddar, roasted cauliflower
-Spaghetti, Caesar salad, garlic bread
-Cuban Nochebuena feast
-Spicy beef & noodles, snow peas, pineapple
-Chicken with white wine sauce, baked farro & squash, fennel salad
-Boeuf bourguignon, mashed potatoes, peas
-Cheese fondue with bread & veggies for dipping, green salad, chocolate fondue with fruit for dipping, champagne cocktails

Other things:
-Lucia Buns
-Various cookies & candies, if I get ambitious
-Spiced nuts
-Yellow pea soup (for my Red Tent Temple sisters)

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