Thursday, June 01, 2006

June Dinners

What's planned, at least!
1: J's choice (probably Winking Lizard fare aprés movie, with an aji & bread snack before movie)
2: Herb-crusted shrimp (or, possibly tostadas), rice, spinach & avocado salad, key lime sorbet
3: J's choice
4: Chicken surprise, macaroni & cheese, roasted green beans, Boston coolers
5: Sage meatloaf, Lorraine potatoes, broccoli
6: J's choice (probably brats & potato salad with avocado by the pool)
7: Cheeseburgers, fries, lima beans
8: J's choice
9: Dinner with family
10: Dinner with family
11: American chop suey (AKA goulash/Johnny Marzetti), salad, peas, strawberries Romanoff
12: Chicken avocado casserole, Spanish rice, salad, cola cake with Creole icing
13: J's choice
14: Tacos, corn, pineapple, salad
15: J's choice
16: Tuna casserole, green bean salad, grapefruit spritzers
17: J's choice
18: Costillas de puerco, machuquillo, salad, daiquiris
19: Potato-crusted halibut, spinach with raspberry vinaigrette, rice, snickerdoodles
20: J's choice
21: Gumbo, biscuits, watermelon
22: J's choice
23: Chile relleno casserole, salad, mandarin oranges
24: J's choice
25: Breakfast casserole, toast, fruit salad
26: Crazy Ed's chicken, potato salad, asparagus, key lime bars
27: J's choice
28: Pizza, salad, fruit
29: J's choice
30: Anniversary dinner out

Wow, it seems the dice have turned up a lot of casseroles & Latin food for June!

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