Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Weekend of Dining Out

I am definitely ready to do some more at-home eating! We ate nearly every meal out over the weekend and while the food was good, I am bored of it! Friday night, we went to the Cleveland Indians game against the Cincinnati Reds, so our dinner was ballpark food. First, J & I split a hot dog with ballpark mustard. Then, J had mini doughnuts while the boys each had a funnel cake and I had a soft pretzel, script "I" in shape. Finally, we had not-terribly good burgers, with slightly sweet garlic fries, while Boot chose pizza.

Saturday, we did eat brunch at home, but it was Bob Evans sausage gravy from the freezer with biscuits from a can. J did, however, make us a great omelet to share, full of Mexican cheese and salsa. Her omelets are wonderful. Dinner was out with my aunt & uncle at a place called Alexander's, where the service was phenomenally slow. The food was tasty, though. My aunt & I enjoyed a margarita apiece with our meals. Boot had about 3 chocolate milkshakes. I couldn't believe J let him do that!!! The most interesting thing we ate there was a shared appetizer of Cuban-style spring rolls, a takeoff of Cuban sandwiches. I may have to try that someday. They left out the pickles, though! J & I had a late night snack of cheesecake, stopping by the Cheesecake Factory on the way home for take-out. Neither boy wanted a slice! So, we ate our chocolate mousse and white chocolate peanut butter cheesecake slices in bed.

Sunday morning was a run through McDonald's on the way to church. Then, we fed the silly boys sandwiches because they declined an offer to go to the Greek festival with us. J tried a Greek beer called Athenos, which she liked. She had chicken with artichokes in lemon-dill sauce & a tyropita for her lunch, while I tried a combo dinner with pastitsio, spanakopita, a Greek meatball and dolmades. Dessert was from the pastry table in the gym...a custard-filled pastry for her and a shredded wheat pastry with honey & nuts for me. I never can keep the Greek pastries straight, name-wise. Dinner was hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw and watermelon at the pool. Oh, and a hybrid melon we hadn't tried before, Cantadew. We loved it! But, with all the crap we ate over the weekend, it's no wonder J doesn't feel well this week! I'm about ready to eat salad & fruit only for awhile.

We continued the dining out into yesterday, too. J picked me up for lunch at Applebee's yesterday. She ordered a turkey sandwich on ciabatta and I ordered a salad with grilled chicken, apples, walnuts and blue cheese on it. I would definitely order either one of those again. Dinner was at Ruby Tuesday, with more sloooow service, where J chose a turkey burger with a side of broccoli cheese soup while I had a baked potato and white bean chicken chili. Pie had a cheeseburger, which is about all he's interested in having out these days. His phase of being interested in Ethnic foods seems to be well-over for now. Boot had both a chicken quesadilla and wings, along with a smoothie. J got a smoothie, too, and said it was her favorite thing she ate all day.

That meant that the appetizer I made for her here at home got bumped to number two. I did cook yesterday, if not much. I sliced off the top third of 4 fresh figs. Then, I used a melon baller to scoop out some of the insides. I stuffed them with goat cheese and then wrapped them with half-cooked slices of Nueske's bacon. I replaced the tops and broiled them until the bacon was completely cooked. They were waiting for J when she got home from work & she loved them. Next time, I will mix some garlic in with the cheese and dredge the bacon in some brown sugar & cumin. And I will only make two or three for the two of us.

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