Friday, June 23, 2006

Max & Erma's

Max and Erma's ( is a fairly small restaurant chain that started out with one location in the German Village neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. I remember going to German Village as a child and eating there. Visits also included trips to the fudge shop and the Book Loft. Now that they have expanded, we are able to drive a few minutes to get to one. That was J's choice for dinner last night and I ate too much! Their burgers come in Max size and Erma size. I usually order the Erma, but last night J ordered the Max. We split our dinners because my buffalo chicken sandwich looked good to her & I thought her burger, a new onion burger, sounded good. We also split an order of potstickers with Boot. I subbed a baked potato for fries, since I've been in the mood lately. My favorite part of the meal turned out to be the potato, although the rest was quite good, too, especially the mojito. Pie says if he owned a gay bar, he would sell mojitos for a really high price "because gay people drink a lot of mojitos." I pointed out that straight people seem pretty fond of them, too. Pie only got a kids' cheeseburger & declined to eat his fries. He rarely eats fries. He did manage to down two kids' Oreo shakes, though. Boot ordered a steak skewer and half rack of ribs and ate every scrap, along with a quarter of my chicken sandwich and a bite of J's burger. He drank two apple drinks and, when they didn't put a gummy worm in his drink, he was brought a whole plate of them, which he shared with me & Pie. J doesn't eat gummy anything.

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