Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sausage Sandwiches by the Pool

Or, J's night to cook. And I managed to talk her out of steak!!! Not that I don't like steak, just that she ALWAYS makes steak when it's her turn to cook. I am tired of it right now. So, I was walking around the grocery with her, pointing out all these other things that might be good to grill. Nope, no dice. Until I spotted the hot Italian sausage patties. Those looked good to her. I wouldn't have been successful, I imagine, had the steaks looked a little better.

So, we packed up a bunch of food and went down to the pool, where we had to wait for an open grill. The guy before us was making bbq chicken & it smelled divine. As we waited, we munched on kettle chips, carrot slices, celery sticks, and cauliflower florets, dipped in veggie dip. J had picked up the Knorr veggie soup & dip mix, so I made that (1 envelope mixed with 16 oz sour cream & 1 c. light mayo). It was very good! J made sausage sandwiches on onion buns for the adults (I wished I'd chosen Italian blend cheese for mine instead of American once I'd tasted hers) and bacon cheeseburgers for the boys. We had a tiny seedless watermelon for dessert, along with some white cake that a fellow complex dweller brought to the pool to share.

Not a terribly exciting post, but there it is.

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