Wednesday, April 02, 2014

What I'm Cooking in April

Or, at least, what I plan to cook (the best-laid plans & all that)...

-Tilapia Dijon, gremolata rice, roasted asparagus 
-Lemon farfalle with chicken, asparagus, & pine nuts, green salad, garlic bread
-Mashed potato soup, beer bread, fruit
-Shrimp in beer, Persian rice with dill & pistachios, salad with warm goat cheese, marinated olives
-Salmagundi bake, feta & olive salad, crusty bread, fruit
-Gingerbread waffles, bacon, fruit
-Herb-crusted halibut, rice, snap pea salad with burrata, cheesy herbed popovers
-Brisket, kugel, matzo ball soup, green salad, roasted asparagus, charoset, matzos, flourless chocolate cake
-Veggie chili, corn fritters, fruit
-Artichoke-rice salad with chicken, broccoli, rolls, fruit
-Cheese soufflé, green salad, roasted green beans, orange muffins 
-Cream of curry potage, avocado & goat cheese salad, fruit
-Ham, au gratin potatoes, roasted asparagus, bunny rolls, lamb cake
-Parmesan chicken, pastina, salad greens with lemon vinaigrette
-Tarragon chicken salad with walnuts, croissants, green salad, fruit
-Gnocchi with alfredo sauce, Caesar salad, fruit
- Pan-seared chicken with tarragon butter, baked potatoes, green beans
 -Lebanese Veggie Soup 
-Peanut brittle (give-away)
-Raspberry brownies (give-away) 
-Chocolate chip meringues (give-away)
-Chocolate damnation
-Dirt cups
-Coconut macaroons

I also want to start a new Friday tradition of having cocktails together when Jeannene gets home from work. Here are the ones I have planned for April:
-Buck’s Fizz 
-Turquoise Blue 
-Mango Margaritas            

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