Monday, October 10, 2016

Chopsticks, October 7, 2016

Friday night, neither of us felt like going back out or cooking. It was Jeannene's night to choose dinner and she told me she wouldn't mind if I could find an Asian place that had something with tofu on the menu. Turns out, Chopsticks is a Vietnamese place that delivers. I was thrilled to discover this. Usually, Jeannene is not a huge fan of Asian food, either, so I was excited that she was in the mood for it. We ordered Vietnamese pork egg rolls for an appetizer and they were very good. I couldn't resist the hot & sour soup, either. I was so glad I ordered it---very flavorful and just the right amount of heat. Jeannene opted for the curried tofu noodles and I had Singapore noodles with pork. Elijah tried both kinds of noodles and found them pleasing. He thought the pork was okay, but loved the tofu. I also got a mango boba tea and shared my tapioca with him. Delicious! We'll definitely order from them again!

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