Monday, October 10, 2016

Gunther Toody's, October 5, 2016

Tuesday night, Elijah and I were on our own, as the wife had to go to Hagerstown for work. I pondered what sounded especially good and what rose to the top of my consciousness was "a good burger." So, I googled something like "best burgers" in our area. Gunther Toody's came up and I thought the name was so unusual that it was worth checking out.

Turns out, it was. It's a fun, diner-style spot, with good burgers (and vegetarian options) and malts. I just had a plain cheeseburger, but I couldn't resist trying the "Elvis" fries---covered with white gravy and cheese. Well, I would skip the Elvising next time, as the white gravy was pretty bland. Sometimes, it has good flavor, but not so much, in this case. I did like my chocolate malt, when it finally arrived---my waitress kept forgetting it. It arrived, as a good malt should, in a small glass with a big metal container with the rest of it inside.

Elijah enjoyed the decorations, especially the vintage Orange Crush ad on the ceiling above us. He thought the mac and cheese was fine, too. What I think he enjoyed the most of all, though, was all the cooing attention from the female waitstaff!

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