Friday, December 12, 2014

My Year in Food: Julie & Bob's Christmas Party, December 6, 2014

We were invited to a party at the home of one of Jeannene's co-workers last weekend. We were welcomed into the beautiful home (the kitchen/living room area reminded me of the wonderful yurts I've visited) these two engineers built themselves and treated to a delicious buffet dinner. They have hosted this party for years and I felt honored to be invited. It consisted of friends and family---we were the only people from work---and they all anticipated the buffet with great pleasure.

Julie made most of the dishes herself and it was quite some thing to see all the pans being brought forth and placed over Sterno! It looked like something you would see at a restaurant. There were all kinds of yummy possibilities. Juicy specialty sausages, a huge pan of lasagna, pierogies made from scratch by her mother-in-law, veggies. There was a lovely tiered dish of homemade Christmas cookies for dessert, sitting on a little table with coffee urns and bottles of liqueurs to jazz up the coffee. It's so much fun to be hosted for dinner, because I always end up trying something new, something I wouldn't necessarily think to make or order at a restaurant. It gives me ideas for future entertaining, too!

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