Tuesday, March 22, 2016

On The Border, March 8, 2016

I'd planned to make shish kebabs for dinner Friday night, with rice pilaf, labneh, and green beans. It sounded delicious to me, yet when Jeannene suggested we have dinner out so I could climb into bed early, the idea struck me as marvelous. I'd gotten a bit of a sore throat and it seemed to be morphing into an outright cold. So, we headed out. Jeannene wasn't interested, even a little bit, in picking a restaurant. I am usually not the sort to be really excited about picking, either, but as I began to drive, I decided Mexican sounded good. We had only been to On The Border once, but had found it to be pretty acceptable Tex-Mex for Michigan.

Jeannene had the green chile carnitas burrito, which she liked, but which was entirely too spicy for me. I would probably never survive a Tex-Mex place in Texas, let along actual spicy Mexican food. On the other hand, I found plenty to eat in Santa Fe, so I might be just fine. I'd planned to make my own combo, with a crunchy taco, an empanada, and an enchilada. However, just before we ordered, a plate of fajitas went by our table. I instantly decided they smelled so good, I must have them, so I ordered beef & shrimp ones. The beef texture was a little odd for me, but the shrimp were delicious!

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