Thursday, March 17, 2016

Steak, March 13, 2016

For Sunday dinner this past weekend, Jeannene decided that, since Pie and his girlfriend are planning to move to Alaska soon and wouldn't be benefitting from Sunday dinners at our place any longer, she should start giving them cooking lessons. The idea, I think, was that they would pick what they wanted to learn and she would teach them. I suspect what actually happened was that she asked them if they'd like to learn to make steak, because that's what she loves best, and they were happy with that idea. She picked up some beautiful strip steaks on sale and marinated them in Guinness and seasonings. To go with them, she made baked potatoes and Brussels sprouts (just boiled, with butter---and they were sooooo yummy). For an appetizer, she decided on a crab-stuffed avocado dish she found in James Beard's New York Times Cookbook. Since I don't like crab, I got a version with everything but the crab and it was very good. It made for a pretty presentation, too.

Dessert was at church, where I presented on the book of Esther for "Lenten Lights," an annual program, with a speaker, dessert, and coffee, put on by Women's Fellowship. We had an extravaganza of church lady desserts, so you know it was scrumptious! My two favorites were a light-as-air lemon cheesecake-ish dessert and a variation on dump cake (one woman called it "gunk") that was more cobbler-y than cake-y and starred apple pie filling. I've procured Brenda's recipe for that one and will be trying it myself with various fillings.

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