Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Golden Eagle, March 21, 2016

Last night, Jeannene was slated to go to dinner with her boss and a bunch of folks from her plant and corporate headquarters. However, due to a late flight, the dinner was cancelled and she picked up some Thai peanut roll-ups from Starbucks. She loves those things! She was also sweet enough to bring me some of their mint tea. Yum!

I'd been at a church meeting, with our wee boy in tow, so he and I tried The Golden Eagle, an old school surf & turf house. I've been told to try the steak with Mario sauce (I have to Google that and see if I can figure out what it is) and have also been told their spaghetti is the best I'll ever have. I seldom believe that sort of claim, but I was quite curious to try it, anyway. We are having the sort of early spring weather that makes me grumpy---you know, the kind where it still feels like winter, regardless of the calendar. So, spaghetti sounded perfect.

I'd wisely tucked my new Jeffrey Deaver novel into my purse. Elijah and I walked in and the hostess seated us at a corner table, saying I could just tuck him in the corner of the corner, so he'd be safe. A woman at the table next to us told me I could just tuck him right there at her table & she'd make sure he was safe. It was sweet. People really dig our baby---sometimes, I feel like I'm traveling in the presence of a celebrity because so very many people stop to admire him.

Anyway, he slept right through the meal and I ate while texting with my mommy and reading about gruesome crimes. I've inherited my great-grandma Mil & my great-aunt Barb's taste in novels, I'm afraid. Barb used to save all her mysteries for me. My grandparents would visit Barb & Kay out in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and return with two or three paper grocery sacks stuffed with books for me.

My salad came with (rather a lot of) a very garlicky house dressing, which reminded me a great deal of the house dressing at the now-defunct Dominic's in Dayton, Ohio. The whole experience felt very much like being time-warped to the 1970s. I almost expected to look up and see my sweetheart, as a young girl, with her 3 older brothers, mom, & dad, enjoying a meal together. The spaghetti (I ordered it with bolognese sauce and baked cheese) was not the best I've ever had. That honor currently belongs to Wolfgang Puck's Spago, inside Caesar's Palace. However, it was very, very yummy and made me really glad I'd stopped there for dinner. Now, I'll have to take my wife for a steak!

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