Thursday, September 22, 2016

River Bottom, September 19, 2016

On Monday night, the kitchen was still a mess from Sunday dinner. My wife needed to get to bed early, too. So, we decided to try River Bottom. It's close and the online menu looked pretty good. We'd tried to go for brunch a couple weeks ago, but were thwarted by the crammed parking lot---filled with very cool old cars! We really like car shows, but did not stay that day.

Upon our return, I found myself questioning the wisdom of eating there. When we pulled up, it looked dimly lit, the only spots of brightness being beer signs. I wondered if we were foolish to eat there with a wee one. However, once inside, we realized the windows are tinted and it actually looks like a regular, no-frills family restaurant---the kind Detroiters call coney islands.

Our waitress was very warm and friendly, as well as being prompt. When I asked if they had sweet tea, she said they do, she makes it herself. She warned that it's quite sweet. She didn't have a Southern accent, but when she brought that tea, it tastes just like my Nashville friend, Teresa's. When I first met Teresa, I'd just moved to Tennessee and had to cut her tea, half and half, with water. Then, I got used to it. Now, I'd just as soon drink unsweet tea as sort of sweet tea. This was the real deal, the kind I drink very rarely and love when I do.

We each had the salad bar, although Jeannene was sorry the only greens were spring mix, with not a leaf of iceberg in sight. Not me! The cukes were a little peaked-looking, but most everything else was good. The cantaloupe was just about perfect. 

For our mains, Jeannene went healthy, with citrus-glazed salmon and corn on the cob. I had the corn, too, since the waitress had assured us it was especially good. That was a pity because it was incredibly overcooked. My grandmom would have been appalled. She was always a bit persnickety about the corn not being cooked too long---and she was quite right! My Philly cheesesteak, however, was really good. We had the strawberry shortcake for dessert. The biscuits were lovely, but I wasn't thrilled with the limp, syrupy strawberries. Ah, well, the end of September isn't exactly prime strawberry time. I should have known better. Despite those couple of shortcomings, we'll definitely go back.

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