Saturday, January 04, 2014

Got My Mojo Workin'

One of my favorite flavors in the world is the tangy mojo sauce so predominant in Cuban food. It's fabulous for marinating (especially pork), for drizzling over yuca, for adding to beans. While you can often find bottled mojo sauce (Goya is a popular brand) even in northern grocery stores, mojo is so easy to make and I think homemade is lots better. Just mash about 10 cloves of garlic into a paste with a teaspoon of salt. Add a cup of sour orange juice. You must use sour orange juice rather than regular orange juice, but it can be hard to find. If you can get it bottled in your area, use it. If you can't, you can use equal parts regular orange juice and lime juice. Heat the oil just to boiling. Remove from the heat and whisk in the garlic-orange juice mixture. Use right away as a marinade or sauce.

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