Saturday, January 04, 2014

Yes, I Eat Cold Cheese Sandwiches

The other day, Boot was devouring a take-out container of sweet & sour chicken from the Chinese joint next to his gym. He had offered me some, but I declined in favor of a cheese sandwich. He asked if I was going to toast it and goggled incredulously at me when I said I wasn't. He said, "You're not going to cook it??? You're a weirdo." I said, "I grew up eating plain cheese sandwiches. I love them." I love a good grilled cheese, too, of course, but when you can eat something like this, why bother cooking it?

Spread a couple slices of beautiful whole grain bread with mustard and mayonnaise. Add extra-sharp cheddar slices, avocado slices or mash, tomato slices (if you like them), onion, and alfalfa sprouts. Slice your favorite way---mine is diagonal---and devour like you're a 21-year-old guy who just worked out for 3 hours. Try to resist having a second one.

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