Thursday, November 13, 2014

La Luna Cooks Gooseberry Patch: Woods Creek Bean Soup

Oh, dear. I simply had my expectations too high on this one. I suppose it's because I was expecting it to be something it isn't, a creamy navy bean-style soup, like my grandmom's or my father-in-law's. I knew, looking at the recipe, that a single can of Great Northern beans for a soup recipe, in conjunction with 32 oz. broth, would not make that sort of soup. I forgot, however, and I think some part of my mind also expected the blender portion of the recipe to make a difference. It didn't. I am not usually a huge fan of broth bean soups, so it's not too much of a surprise that I found this one pretty meh. The recipe also calls for not salt at all, not one grain. I don't think most soups can stand without at least a smidge of salt.

This soup was certainly a good choice, however, for dinner with my mom, who avoids salt and fat as much as she possibly can. She liked it quite a bit, in fact. Since she's vegetarian, I subbed unsalted veggie broth for the fat-free chicken broth in the recipe, so it is very nicely adaptable for vegetarians. We used the turkey kielbasa normally cooked into the soup as an add-in at the table for the carnivores among us. The broth had good basic flavor (imparted by Italian seasoning), despite needing some salt, but if I am going to have soup that brothy, I want a good lot of vegetables in it, or some noodles. However, I did really like the idea of adding spinach to a bean soup and may use that in my usual bean soup, sometime in the future. The added flavor was a plus, for certain!

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