Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Year in Food: Buffalo Wild Wings Redux, November 26, 2014

After having my dinner plans pre-empted Tuesday night (I'd just thrown our steaks in the freezer after I found out we were going out grocery shopping, knowing we'd be getting dinner out), I was really ready to cook Wednesday. I'd planned to make burgers with sour cream and herbs, crinkle fries, and spicy tossed veggies (cauliflower & broccoli). However, Jeannene had not gotten enough of the Buffalo Wild Wings Chipotle Cherry Sting and she was bringing Pie by to visit with his brother and have supper. The boys have always loved wings, so she arrived home with Pie and a huge box full of wings. I don't know how many she ordered or why she thought we would eat them all, but that was dinner, along with carrot & celery sticks. It's a good thing I eat some veggies & fruits earlier in the day, with the kinds of dinners we've been eating! We absolutely did not eat even half the wings she brought home, but it all worked out because Pie and Bubbles had 2 nights' worth of dinner to take home.

I am just itching to cook (something besides Thanksgiving food)! Perhaps after Boot has headed home?

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