Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Year in Food: Buffalo Wild Wings, November 24, 2014

To be completely honest, unless I'm really in the mood, I am not usually thrilled when my wife wants to go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Sure, I love playing the trivia game. But, let's face it, their menu is pretty limited and the food is not particularly stellar, for the most part. However, Jeannene was terribly late getting home and there aren't many places in town that have a kitchen open past 10 p.m. So, BW-3 (it used to be called Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck, thus the "3") it was. The funny thing is that this was probably the very first time I ever ate there without playing trivia.

Our waitress was very sweet and I felt badly for her, as her power was out due to the wild winds we'd had. There was nobody at all in the restaurant side and we weren't entirely sure the kitchen was open. Luckily, it was. I ordered mild boneless wings and mac & cheese. Jeannene decided to try their temporary sauce flavor, Chipotle Cherry Sting, on traditional wings. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you will know that I fully expected to hate that sauce flavor because of the sweet component. We traded wings and I was overcome with the urge to steal Jeannene's wings. They were truly yummy! We are hoping they make this flavor a permanent flavor. It has just enough heat to make it interesting and just enough sweet to soften it a bit. I continued eating my wings, but had some serious sauce envy. I never did get my mac & cheese. My son, who once worked there as a cook, tells me I didn't miss out on anything good at all, so I'm pretty happy I didn't get it. I didn't realize I hadn't gotten it until the next day!

What is your favorite place to get wings?

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