Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Year in Food: Steak, November 20, 2014

Tonight was the wife's night to cook. I think I've noted here before that when it's her night to make dinner, it's nearly always steak, pasta, or dinner out. It's not that she can't cook other things beautifully. It's just that those are her very favorite foods---and she is often too wiped out from work to cook at all, thus the restaurants.

Tonight, she picked up a New York Strip Steak for herself and a ribeye for me. She just pan-fried them, with a little garlic-herb butter. I'd picked up a box of Near East rice pilaf with toasted almonds at the grocery this afternoon and suggested we polish off the labneh with that, instead of doing potatoes or pasta on the side. She was delighted to agree to this plan, as it's one of her faves. She debated between fixing some cauliflower or corn. The corn won, since it was by far the easier.

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