Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Unnamed Chinese Restaurant in Lake Orion, Michigan, February 19, 2015

Oh, dear, was this a bad one! I still feel bad about taking my wife out to a restaurant she hated & I didn't like very much. We had intended to go to Panda House in Lake Orion, which she really likes, but we were running later with errands than we'd expected (curse you, Michael's!) and wouldn't make it there before they closed. So, I took us to a little place I'd been a couple of times and thought was okay, if not stellar, certainly better than the one I went to with my friend, Connie. Jeannene loved the crab wontons, but when her General Tso's chicken arrived, she took one bite, looked revolted, and said, "I'm done," pushing it away from her. It tasted okay to me, if overly sweet. She didn't even like the rice. I had ordered a pork & noodle dish and thought it was okay, if pretty oily-tasting (and not fresh oil, either). However, when Jeannene tried it and said it tasted like "rotting dog meat," I was completely done, as well. She is usually a reluctant Asian food eater and I suspect it will be a very long time before she allows me to talk her into Chinese food again. Sigh. At least the kids loved the very generous amounts of leftovers we had them come pick up from us!

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