Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chicken Scallopine, February 14, 2015

I decided to leave Valentine's dinner up to Jeannene. Since we celebrate our legal wedding anniversary a week after Valentine's Day, probably with a meal out, it made sense to just have a special dinner at home. Besides that, Jeannene loves to show her love by cooking a special meal---and I love to eat her special meals! I knew we'd likely have steak or pasta, as those are her favorites and her specialties. In this case, we had chicken scallopine, basil gnocchi with rosa sauce, and roasted rosemary & garlic purple cauliflower. I had every intention of making a special chocolate cake, but we were out of the house all day, so that didn't happen. Instead, we had chocolate chip cookies I baked on Friday for dessert. I did make us special cocktails, Raspberry Lavender Royales with champagne, Chambord, lavender syrup, and fresh raspberries. They were lovely! I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful wife who also happens to be an excellent cook. Everything was superb!

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