Thursday, February 12, 2015

Saigon Diamond, February 10, 2015

Tuesday night, Jeannene had to work quite late, so I was on my own for dinner. I went to pick up our pottery that we'd made & glazed, pondering the whole way there what sounded good for dinner. When I'm on my own for dinner, I often try to eat things that Jeannene doesn't really dig (sloppy joes, for instance). She is not a huge fan of Asian food, while I like it quite a bit. So, I stopped in Madison Heights on the way home. My intention was to go to a Vietnamese restaurant I'd been to before, so I could have more of their great fried spring rolls. Sadly, they were closed for an extended time, probably for the upcoming New Year. I honestly can't remember the name, but they're in the same plaza on John R with a fruit store. I know, that's not very helpful!

Luckily, I had passed Saigon Diamond on the way and noticed it. So, I flipped around and took myself to dinner there. The space was not terribly inviting, just a big, largely undecorated room, very functional. Big t.v.s blared the mayor of Detroit's annual address and a couple of guys sat slurping pho and chatting quietly. Despite the glaringly fluorescent surroundings, the service was prompt and friendly. I ordered their spring rolls and, because I seldom get to have them and I am an addict, bun chao gio, a noodle dish with more spring rolls and pork, as well as some veggies. The hot tea was piping and flavorful. The spring rolls, while not as good as the other place, were still delicious and quite long. I took most home, since I had one chopped up on my main course, and they made a great lunch yesterday. The bun chao gio was good, too. I'd not ever had mint tucked in among the veggies and that was a lovely addition. The pork was very flavorful and the noodles cooked perfectly.

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