Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Church Luau, February 13, 2015

On Friday night, we bundled up against the Michigan cold and yet also wore our tropical best for our church's luau! Timberlands with a sundress? Sure! A turtleneck under a Hawaiian shirt? Yup! We both forgot until early last week that dinner was provided, so we were both thinking about what foods we might provide for a luau. I was thinking perhaps some roast pork or some sort of pineapple confection. Jeannene was all prepared to provide a Spam roast. However, we ended up not having to cook and the food, coordinated by our music director, was delicious!

The food was presented buffet-style. There was that ramen coleslaw sort of salad (which I love), macaroni salad (which Jeannene praised, but I refused to try), delicious meatballs in a sweet & tangy sauce, rice, roast pork (which was terrific!), chicken wings, Hawaiian rolls, yummy desserts (including lemon bars and a wonderful cake, the recipe for which I am going to try to weasel out of our music director---it's been passed down in his family), Hawaiian beers, and pineapple punch (I missed out on the spiked version, but the non-spiked version was really yummy!).

When we were done mmming, we spent the rest of the night laughing at the hula/imitate your pet contest, the limbo contest, the hula hooping contest, the 12 days of Hawaiian Vacation we all chimed in to sing (we were the "6 flower leis" table twirling our leis in the air, right next to the "5 bottles of rum" table, who raised their bottles high in a toast), and seeing our pastor in a grass skirt and music director in a coconut bra. Great food, great fun!

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