Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Logan's, February 15, 2015

On Sunday, we went to one of those paint & drink places to celebrate Jeannene and Bubbles' birthdays, later this week. Since we were already out and about, since neither kid had to work, and since it was, after all, Sunday, we decided to have Bubbles' birthday dinner early, too. We asked what she would like for her special dinner. Originally, she thought perhaps Chinese food would be good, but that changed to steak, so we took them to Logan's. It's close to home, not terribly expensive, and usually has pretty reliably good food.

We were seated fairly promptly and ordered drinks (I love their prickly pear margarita, not least because of the hot-pink-sugar-rimmed glass) and appetizers. Pie almost always chooses wings and this time was no exception. He ordered the "Nashville Hot" sauce with them, which turned out to be spicy and also a bit sweet. Bubbles & Jeannene nommed on fried mushrooms, which smelled incredibly mushroom-y & were reported to be terrific. Jeannene was happy Bubbles chose those, as I don't eat them. I would happily watch her enjoy them, but she never wants to get an appetizer I don't also like. I ordered fried pickles, something I never order when it's just the two of us. Unfortunately, the waitress reported to us that "something happened with the fryer" and the pickles didn't make an appearance. When our waitress brought our check, without the pickles on it, she also brought a box of fried pickles to go. When I happened to smell them as we got into the car, I was repulsed by the reek of old grease. We gave them to the kids, who don't notice such things, generally speaking, and would cheerfully eat them. Whatever happened with the fryer clearly was not good.

Our steaks and baked potatoes were great and cooked just perfectly. Jeannene and I got filet mignon, Bubbles chose the sirloin, and Pie got a ribeye. Bubbles liked her sweet potato fries and broccoli quite well. Jeannene mushroomed out with a grilled 'shroom skewer, I had a (very bland) salad, and I couldn't tell you what sides Pie had. He was all about the steak and told the waitress he didn't care which sides he got or if he even got sides, so I didn't notice what he had on his plate, besides a very rare steak. He adores it that way. Jeannene and I would have liked to get their little bucket desserts, but the kids were full and ready to go, so off we went.

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