Sunday, April 17, 2016

24th Street Sports Tavern, April 13, 2016

Since we had a 7:30 salon appointment on Wednesday, my darling wife suggested I just bring the baby and meet her for dinner somewhere in Oxford. Thinking of their delicious fresh veggie tray, a beautiful collection of carrots, celery, and cucumber slices, I immediately suggested grabbing half-price burgers (with purchase of a drink) at 24th Street Sports Tavern. They were very friendly and even accommodated the stroller, although it was a bit crowded for such a thing. Jeannene had already ordered a platter of fried things (jalapeƱo poppers, chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks) when we arrived, so I had my veggie tray in place of fries with my burger. It was perfect. I could only eat half my burger, a black & bleu with just a skosh more Cajun seasoning than I would have liked, so the rest went home. I was delighted to have leftover veggies, too. I was not at all impressed with my strawberry daiquiri, but otherwise was quite happy with our choice. I was also able to stop and drop off some books at the Little Free Library on the walk over to the salon. I deposited 5 books and discovered a copy of A Confederacy of Dunces, which I've been wanting to read! Yippee!

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