Saturday, April 23, 2016

Casa Real, April 22, 2016

Jeannene came home from work last night and was bushed, so she suggested we eat either at Casa Real or "that G place that looks like a barn." I figured since Casa Real had come up as a choice for the second time in as many days, she was probably pretty hungry for it. So, I headed there. We were about to be seated when a young man came up to the hostess and told her not to seat us where we were headed because there were just two of us and they might need the space. After some confusion over where they could offer us a booth, during which my wife gamely held our wee boy in his heavy carseat, they finally decided and led us to be seated. They seemed to grudge us the large booth we'd been given, even though I offered to wait a little longer for the smaller booth near us to be bused. The hostess said she had no idea when it would be bused, so we could just sit in the large booth. That turned out to be a good call, since it wasn't bused the entire time we were there and it was not at all crowded, with none of the big groups the young man had worried would arrive. Our waitress was very good and I was glad we'd ended up in her section.

We ordered some queso to go with the chips and salsa they brought to the table. It's a smidge bland there for my taste, but I find their salsa more than flavorful enough to make up for that. For my meal, I got a combo plate of nachos with beans, chicken, and ground beef (which sounded odd, but which I thought could be good), two taquitos (one beef, one chicken), and a pork tamale. I also ordered refried beans on the side, to share with Jeannene, who'd gotten a chicken fajita quesadilla, which was yummy.

Our waitress warned us that it might take a bit, as they were down a person in the kitchen. The time stretched and stretched. Jeannene joked, "When she said they were down a person in the kitchen, she didn't say that only left them with one." That may have been true, for all we know. When my plate finally arrived, it looked like a big plate of shredded lettuce. It was hard even to tell what food was underneath. I ended up really not liking the chicken, which seemed not to have been flavored at all. Blah! The beef taquito was good, though, and the tamale was very flavorful. Their beans are also quite good.

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