Monday, April 11, 2016

Casa Real, April 7, 2016

Last Thursday, my darling wife and I celebrated the 15th anniversary of becoming a couple. Since she'd had to leave the house by about 4 each morning of the week and had worked long, tough hours, we had a low key celebration. The wee boy and I met her at the tax office for our appointment. When we were finished, she asked where I'd like to have dinner. I suggested either Sullivan's Public House or Casa Real Mexican, hoping she'd choose the latter. She did! Yay! Both restaurants, located in downtown Oxford, Michigan, are terrific, but I was in the mood for Mexican.

We both had drinks, a Modelo Especial for her (she always forgets how much she loves it) and a pretty awful pineapple margarita for me. It tasted quite banana-y for pineapple. Blech. We ordered some guacamole to go with our chips. I particularly appreciate their salsa, which has enough bite to be flavorful and pleasing, but not so much I can't taste the flavors.

For her main, Jeannene had a chicken quesadilla, which was entirely too heavy on the chicken, for my taste. But, then, I tend to like my quesadillas not very heavily filled at all. The flavor was very good---it just didn't seem like a quesadilla to me. My chimichangas, though, were great. I had one beef and one chicken. They were very flavorful, moderately sized (rather than the gargantuan ones I get most places), and delicate. They were also moderately sauced, rather than drowning in cheese and sauce.

We split the fried ice cream for dessert. I'd been hungry for good fried ice cream since I had a bad version last summer. This was pretty good, with a solid amount of honey, perfect to celebrate 15 sweet years.

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