Friday, January 30, 2015

C-Pub, January 28, 2015

I'd planned to make supper so we could eat before we headed over to the C-Pub, in Lake Orion, for the library trivia tournament. We love playing trivia! Jeannene was worried that maybe I'd got the time wrong, so we decided to go early and just eat there. We'd had lunch there once before and had liked it just fine. This time, I chose their Italian sandwich (like a sub, but smaller) and Jeannene had a patty melt. She thought it was superb, but it wasn't done enough for me. My sandwich was good, although a little too dressing-y. Neither of us much liked the chips---very bland---but my amaretto sour was really excellent!

It's a cozy little place, too, and the servers are awfully perky and upbeat, given that they were kept busy climbing up and down the stairs all night for the trivia crowd. There's going to be another in April & I think I'll just plan for dinner there. Maybe we'll have pizza next time. It looked yummy!

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