Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pajama Party Pizza, January 16, 2015

The Wild Mango Queens had a pajama party at our place for my half-birthday. Yes, grown women having a sleepover---try it! It's fun! We talked books, watched a movie, and ate good food. We even played Truth or Dare. At 4 a.m., we finally gave up and retired to our beds. That's the nice thing about a grown-up slumber party---you get to sleep in beds instead of sleeping bags on the floor! Another nice thing about a grown-up slumber party is wine. We had our favorite moscato, Elektra, in the evening and mimosas at breakfast. I thought about making a really nice dinner for us, but then defaulted to pizza, since that's such a pajama party classic. My favorite pizza delivery chain is Jet's and we have one nearby, so, after ascertaining that Jet's was okay with everyone (actually everyone was really enthusiastic about it), I ordered that. Jeannene specifically wanted New York style cheese pizza, so we got one of those. I am partial to their pepperoni 8-corner pizza, so we got one of those. Sue recommended the bbq chicken pizza, which I was a little iffy about trying. I had tried another bbq chicken pizza and thought it was overly saucy and awash in red onions. I generally trust Sue's judgment, though, so we got that one, as well. Man, was it fabulous! Just the right amount of everything, in perfect combination. Yum!

We had some cupcakes, but we never got around to them, so we gave them to Pie & Bubbles, along with a bunch of leftover pizza. They had that weird whipped frosting that my wife loves. It seems most people either love it or aren't even willing to eat it! I am strictly a buttercream girl. Makes it easier to resist cake, that's for sure. We didn't need cupcakes, at all, because Sue brought a yummy hot chocolate cheesecake dip she found on Pinterest and all kinds of fruit & cookie dippers.

Brenda brought breakfast, a terrific country quiche from a Trisha Yearwood recipe. We ate Sue's fruit (and some blackberries we had in the fridge) with it and Jeannene cooked up some bacon and ham, too. Not that we needed it with the sausage quiche, but it's what she does. She loves making breakfast for people. Brenda left the rest of the quiche with us, too---what a great gift!

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