Friday, January 30, 2015

Rosemary Lime Tuna Steaks, January 29, 2015

Last night, I made a couple of beautiful tuna steaks, with jasmine rice and pan-steamed broccoli on the side. The broccoli got a tiny bit burned on the edges. I wasn't thinking when I put the broccoli pan on the burner---it was still hot from cooking the rice---and so, it got too hot. But we couldn't taste the burntness on the veggie & it was perfectly cooked, otherwise, so it was fine. I am used to my steamer, which has gone to the great appliance yard in the sky, and am just learning to pan-steam. Next time, I'll make sure to start with a cold burner---and maybe just a smidge more water. I put 1/3 c. of water and a tiny bit of salt in a pan with the broccoli (cut into florets). Then, I cooked it 3 minutes on high (covered) and 3 minutes on low.

For the tuna, I used 1" thick steaks. You could use any firm fish---halibut would be great, as would swordfish. Salmon would, as well, if you like it. I'm not a huge fan. Brush each steak with about 1/4 tsp. melted butter before broiling. Then, broil it about 4" from the heat for 7-10 minutes, turning once halfway through the broiling (although, it's not the end of the world if you forget to turn it). Make sure you grease the broiler pan! When it's done, you can either sprinkle it with lime juice, salt, and finely chopped rosemary or top it with butter that's been mixed with lime juice, salt, & rosemary. It's wonderful either way!

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