Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Leftover Quiche, January 18, 2015

Sunday before church, Jeannene was all excited about having the whole day to just relax and not have to worry about the kids coming for Sunday dinner (Pie had to work until 10 p.m.) or going to work the next day. So, she cajoled me into letting her cook that night and kept asking me what sounded good to me. All through our stellar brunch at Sullivan's Public House (on which more in a moment), she considered various dishes. I suggested homey things like chicken √† la king, beef stroganoff, soup. I was pretty sure she was going for soup, as she really brightened up and said, "I'm great at homemade soup!" However, we got home, watched several "Librarians" episodes and the "Transformers" movie, dozed a little on the couch, and it was clear she didn't want to cook. She was still full from brunch, too. So, she heated up some of the delicious quiche from Saturday's brunch for me. When she got hungry later, she warmed up some rice and put labneh on it for her supper. Thank heavens for leftovers on lazy nights, eh? Who can complain?

If you are a Detroit Metro reader, I strongly encourage you to visit Sullivan's for any meal. We'd had a stellar dinner there already and had promised ourselves we'd be back for brunch. I had a hard time deciding what to order, as everything sounded so good. Do I do the Full Irish Breakfast? Or the steel cut oats? How about those Eggs Benedict? But a chicken toastie sounds scrumptious, too. But that black pudding, red onion marmalade, and blue cheese tart sounds pretty fabulous, too. What to do? We both ended up with the full Irish and were glad we did! 2 fried eggs (really rich in flavor---I suspect they source locally), a house-made sausage, white pudding (fabulous!), black pudding (the spices made it a little too sweet&meat for me, but Nene loved it), grilled tomatoes, baked beans, and soda bread. Yum yum! The service was great, too. The only bad thing was that I kept forgetting that the bench seating wasn't one long bench, so I tried to sit and then slide into my seat when we arrived and to slide out, then stand when we left. I fell both times, which must have been quite comical to witness!

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