Monday, January 12, 2015

Cheeseburgers, January 10, 2015

Saturday night, Jeannene redeemed herself for the peculiar steak on Thursday by producing terrific cheeseburgers for us! She'd picked up some pre-made patties of Laura's lean burgers and I had mine on a whole grain English muffin from Trader Joe's. I love their English muffins! She asked me if I'd repeat the acorn squash and pineapple I made earlier in the week, which I was happy to do, and put together a fruit plate with grapes (red and green) and jicama sticks with Tajin seasoning mix she'd found at the grocery. Neither of us had ever heard of Tajin and weren't sure how to use it. Unfortunately, we overdid it, using the entire packet and making our jicama too spicy to eat. Now, we know! It's a blend of chile, dried lime, and salt and I can imagine loving it on a wide variety of foods, so I'll be looking for it in the store now.

If you missed the acorn squash post, you can find it here.

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