Saturday, January 30, 2016

Chili's, January 29, 2016

We usually celebrate our monthiversies with a dinner out each month on the 30th. However, Jeannene has been wanting to see the new Star Wars movie for ages. We'd talked about how feasible it would be to take our wee boy along with us, seeing as he mostly just sleeps and eats. So, last night, we decided to go see it. I had offered to stay home with the babe while she saw it, but she wanted to go as a family and have it be his first movie. So, we decked him out in the Jedi robe our friend, Marlene, made for him and gave him the light saber she made for him and took him, stroller and all, to the movies.

The movie was great & our dearie slept through most of it, awaking only to take a bottle. Since he was in good spirits, we decided to have our monthiversary dinner near the movie theater. So, we chose Chili's. We don't often go there because, somewhere along the way, Jeannene decided she doesn't like Chili's. However, every time we go, she ends up liking it. We had an order of perfect fried pickles to start, then I went on to the bacon ranch quesadilla and Jeannene had the Cajun chicken pasta. Since we each only had about half our meals, we'll have a nice lunch for tomorrow. We did have dessert, though, splitting some of the hot chocolate chip cookie that comes in a skillet.

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