Thursday, January 28, 2016

What I'm Cooking in February 2016

-Kidney bean soup, anadama bread, crudités with pomegranate relish, grapefruit compote in rosemary syrup
-Keema, lemon pilaf (43-6), labneh, salad
-Cajun catfish, fried potatoes, coleslaw, corn muffins
-Chili & other Super Bowl food
-Jambalaya, salad, fruit, king cake
-Turkey salad, green salad, rolls, fruit soup 
-Pork roast, baked acorn squash, broccoli
-Tamari ginger fish, rice, mala green beans
-Pea soup, hearty bread, pear slices
-Zuppa Toscana, yeast rolls, salad, molasses crinkles 
-Tiny fairy cookies
-Green bean salad with fennel & walnuts
-Apple delight
-Italian vegetable soup
-Chcoolate raspberry truffles

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